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Intersectional Identities. Passionate. Professional.
Our one-of-a-kind leadership team brings our whole selves to our work (and our service dogs, too)!

Meet the Team

Our core values are the heartbeat of our organization. They guide how we work and reveal the essence of our success.

Andraéa LaVant, a Black woman with long dark blonde individual braids wearing a silver turban, green tassel earrings, purple cat-eye glasses, and a lavender polka-dot jumpsuit, smiles and looks away from the camera in front of Lake Merritt in her wheelchair


Founder & President

Carly Fahey, a white woman with long wavy brunette hair standing at an angle and smiling towards the camera in her blue walker, in front of Lake Merritt. She is wearing a lavender shirt with puffy, long sleeves, black pants, black boots, and blue tassel earrings.


Lead Consultant,
Business Development & Strategy

Rosemary photo	Rosemary McDonnell-Horita, a light skinned Japanese American woman with shoulder length wavy brown hair smiling at the camera in front of Lake Merritt. She is wearing a lavender jumpsuit, white and turquoise tassel beaded earrings.


Lead Consultant, Training, Events & Strategy
Isabel Rocha, a white woman with curled blonde hair wearing a white buttoned shirt and grey plaid pants. She is standing in front of a wall with her arms crossed, smiling at the camera.


Associate, Content Marketing

Jamie photo	Jamie Terry, a Black woman with chin length dark brown locs parted down the middle, square shaped black and clear glasses, lavender tassel earrings, and red lipstick. She is wearing an olive blazer and smiling at the camera in front of Lake Merritt.


Vice President
Sofia Webster, a light-skinned Ecuadorian American woman with long brown hair, cat-eye glasses, and green tassel earrings, smiles at the camera in front of Lake Merritt


Lead Consultant,
Content Development & Strategy

Goji photo	Goji Harriet LaVant, a yellow lab service dog wearing her Canine Companions blue service vest, looks up at the camera in front of Lake Merritt


Head of Hooman Resources


Dom II, a yellow lab service dog wearing his Canine Companions blue service vest, looks up at the camera in front of Lake Merritt


Head of Safety & Protection


Team Bios

Andraéa LaVant

Founder and President

Andraéa LaVant is a nationally and internationally sought-after disability inclusion expert. She is widely recognized for spearheading a global disability justice movement as impact producer for Netflix’s Oscar-nominated film, Crip Camp, executive produced by President Barack and Mrs. Michelle Obama.

Andraéa is founder and president of LaVant Consulting, Inc. (LCI), a social impact communications firm that offers cutting-edge corporate development and content marketing for brands and nonprofits. LCI’s specialty is helping brands “speak disability with confidence.” Prior to establishing LaVant Consulting, Inc., she led disability inclusion efforts for Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital, where she was responsible for increasing and supporting the membership of girls of all abilities and fostering a culture of inclusion among volunteers, staff, and girls. For over a decade, she worked in both non-profit and private sector organizations managing national initiatives that increased and supported engagement of people with disabilities in mainstream programs. This included coordinating and overseeing multiple federally funded technical assistance and training centers designed to prepare young people with disabilities to transition from school to employment.

Andraéa’s work has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC, Essence.com, the Root, Paper Magazine, and a host of other national media. In 2021, she became the first visibly disabled black woman to appear on the Oscars Red Carpet. Given her marginalized identities, Andraéa champions intersectionality and is committed to working toward a future where ALL people, particularly disabled people of color, are seen and valued in culture and society at-large.

Carly Fahey

Lead Consultant, Business Development & Strategy

Carly grew up in the suburban swamps of Tallahassee, Florida where she cultivated a quirky passion for grassroots-led policy, campaigning and advocacy in the disability movement at an early age. As a disabled teen, she helped create and pass legislation putting disability history in Florida public schools curriculum and served on a federal advisory committee before flying off to the mountain west for college. She grew a passion for youth community organizing during a few national campaign roles while studying at the University of Utah. These experiences and others led to a passion for youth development and program design, and has shaped how she shapes and views current client work. She approaches projects with flexibility, collaboration, enthusiasm, a well-informed perspective, and a dash of humor.

She started her professional career in outreach and corporate philanthropy in Washington, DC. Her specialty centers around disability initiatives in social responsibility and impact. She is deeply motivated by the lack of disabled voices in the media, workforce leadership, community art initiatives, shaking up policy, and disrupting systems of change.

Rosemary McDonnell-Horita

Lead Consultant, Training, Events & Strategy

Rosemary McDonnell-Horita is a fierce, determined disability advocate and educator. She is a queer, disabled, Japanese American woman currently living in Berekely, California. She has over ten years of experience facilitating youth leadership and disability organizing on a local and national level. Most recently, Rosemary assisted with Netflix’s, Crip Camp Impact Campaign. The campaign provided a model for cross-disability solidarity and intersectional movement building that centers disabled BIPOC “voices” and experiences. She strongly believes in honoring those who came before her, and leading the way for future generations to continue to lead and make change in this world.

Isabel Rocha

Associate, Content Marketing

Isabel is a disabled woman with a passion for education. She is the co-founder of an organization called Disability Together — aiming to provide representation and awareness for all disabilities and education for everyone. Outside of her advocacy work, Isabel is an early childhood educator. She is skilled in graphic design, strategic communication, leadership, and social media analytics.

Jamie Terry

Vice President

Jamie Terry holds both a Bachelor and Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Howard University in Washington, DC. She has over 13 years of experience working with businesses supporting the areas of operations, financial management, and compliance. Jamie began her career in public accounting at PwC working on a variety of engagements including financial statement audits for public companies, forensic accounting projects, outsourced internal audit services, and delivering enterprise risk management services. Her industry experience includes religious organizations, community development finance, hospitality/real estate, and government contracting, and e-commerce. Jamie’s diverse career experience also includes managing full-cycle accounting operations for non-profit organizations and small businesses for over a decade. Jamie holds an inactive CPA license in the state of Virginia. As Vice President she co-leads LaVant Consulting, overseeing operations and strategy to ensure the amazing and impactful work the team does is maximized and sustainable.

Sofia Webster

Lead Consultant, Content Marketing & Strategy

Sofia is an Ecuadorian-American woman living in Sacramento, California. Her multi-ethnic identity colors her personal experiences with race, disability, and gender, while also informing the ways she understands intersecting forms of oppression. Her love of and appreciation for the disability community on the Internet acted as kindling for her work creating accessible social media experiences for people with disabilities. She feels called to do disability-focused social impact work, having been a part of Sins Invalid, the Crip Camp impact campaign, and chronic illness advocacy groups.

Goji Harriet LaVant

Head of Hooman Resources

Goji was raised in the great state of California, and while she enjoyed a short job stint near Phoenix, AZ, enjoyed returning in 2022 to her Cali roots. She spends her days joining her fabulous mom, Andraéa, in very important meetings, while ensuring that her favorite toy piggie constantly remains nearby. While working can be ruff, she finds it worth it as long as she can provide her daily quota of kisses. Her favorite aspect of her job is helping others. Not only is she head of Hooman Resources, but she’s also a service dog to her Boss/Mom/Best Friend, who takes her everywhere…including scary airplane rides. When she’s not working (or sleeping) at her mom’s side, she enjoys long walks in the dog park, homemade dog treats, and keeping up with the latest fashions. If you want to keep up with her adventures, check out her mom’s instagram!

Dom II

Head of Safety & Protection

Dom II was born and raised in Sacramento, California and recently graduated from Team Training in Santa Rosa. Dom was named after the Sacramento Republic soccer team’s slogan, “Indomitable City”. He currently lives in Berkeley with his human, Rosemary. As a team, Dom does his best to support Rosemary and anticipate her next move. He is an excellent worker and even better protector. When Dom isn’t co-facilitating trainings, he is dreaming about the next time he’ll be able to play fetch. If you’d like to follow Dom’s adventures from his perspective you can follow him on Instagram at @indomitablepup.