Our Services & Approach

We help brands develop and implement inclusive brand strategies; craft and deliver accessible and inclusive marketing and education; and cultivate strong disability-inclusive communities to increase authentic disability representation and foster meaningful cultures of belonging.

Our Approach

We Help You Become a Cultural Changemaker!

What is a Cultural Changemaker?

A person, team or entity that strives to go beyond checking the compliance box and tokenizing people to proactively learning from and engaging with the audiences they’re trying to reach. Cultural Changemakers believe in practicing what they preach and representing communities authentically. They also use the power they have within their industry as leverage to address the gaps they see around them. This means they understand that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to lasting change and that the only way to make change last is…well, to continue to be willing to change.

In our experience, there are 8 elements to becoming a Cultural Changemaker:

Partnering with disabled people, not contracting for

Letting go of “box-checking” mentality

Educating on topical issues on disability inclusion

Working within digital accessibility best practices

Using respectful language when discussing disability

Building in accessibility from the beginning of every project

Committing to a more disability-inclusive society

Being a cultural changemaker

How do we help you become a Cultural Changemaker?

​​At LCI, we partner with you to take action. Our services are designed to help you transform your organization by building capacity in the form of knowledge, skills, and cultural competencies that will equip you to become a cultural changemaker.

When we take on a client, we ask ourselves, “How can we facilitate their journey towards becoming a Cultural Changemaker?” In other words, how will we help you take action to address disability-specific inequities within your company and embrace opportunities to authentically engage with disabled consumers?

Our Services

No Cookie-Cutter Approaches Here!

The LCI team uniquely provides strategic development, communications, training, and program development/management services that center an intersectional perspective.

Content marketing stock photo	Two white people, one of whom has a prosthetic arm, are in conversation in front of an open laptop in a modern office


Connecting with disabled consumers means making us feel seen through the ways your business communicates.

Our content marketing services help you craft authentic & accessible communication across various platforms and in a variety of formats to help you reach, engage with, and ultimately win the business of diverse disabled audiences. From brand awareness to relationship building or creating a cutting-edge, inclusive marketing campaign for your latest campaign, program, or product launch, we can help! Learn more.


​​Creating an authentic and inclusive culture within your organization is no easy feat and requires investment of time, effort, and resources. If you want to create sustainable change and you want to get it right, that’s where we come in!

Our team of experts work in partnership with you to create a unique vision and strategy for your organization, advise and consult with you on how to build inclusive and sustainable programs within your organization, and provide real-time insight and expertise as you work to weave authentic inclusivity into your company culture. Learn more.

A Black woman seated in a manual wheelchair looks over blueprints on a work table. Two people of color are standing nearby also looking at the blueprints.
A Black person with wavy black hair wearing a tan blazer holds a microphone in front of a conference room of people


Get the skills and learning your company needs to “speak disability with confidence” and transform every aspect of your company to become a cultural changemaker.

Our training series and presentations are curated into both skills-based and foundational topics to educate organizations of all sizes on core aspects of disability inclusion and belonging. This includes leading sessions on race and disability, disability justice, disability and language, and more. Our other workshops, featuring topics such as digital and virtual accessibility, teach you the technical skills to create accessible events and communications to help you reach and engage with disabled audiences, customers, and employees. Learn more.

Ready to move beyond compliance?

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