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At LCI, our unique perspectives and approach helps companies create more diverse, yet unified cultures.

Hi, I’m Andraéa

Founder of LaVant Consulting and a proud Black, disabled woman…

Andraéa LaVant, a Black woman with long dark blonde individual braids wearing a silver turban, green tassel earrings, purple cat-eye glasses, and a lavender polka-dot jumpsuit, smiles and looks away from the camera in front of Lake Merritt in her wheelchair

This isn’t a sentiment I’ve always felt. In fact, I spent more than half of my life trying to escape the “disabled” label.

Which is something a lot of forward-thinking companies do today. They want to show their employees and customers that they see them as people. They’re working hard to be inclusive of everyone. They’re “looking past the differences.”

But I came to realize what I was doing was inauthentic and counterproductive.

By trying to get people to overlook my disability – or to dismiss it as irrelevant – it meant that I couldn’t bring my whole self to a space.

It meant I was denying aspects of my identity that make me who I am. Which meant I was not only being unfair to myself, but also to those around me.

When I claimed my identity as a disabled person, I was able to bring my unique perspective to every decision-making table.

Today, my team and I use both our lived and professional experiences to work with brands like Google, Verizon, Adobe, and Netflix to develop company cultures and content campaigns that acknowledge and engage disabled people.

These are the transformations we help companies make: to invite, engage, and value disabled people in their organizations and in their communities.

We’re excited your here! Now, let’s go change culture!

In community,

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Why LCI?

Our “Secret Sauce”

When it comes to disability and DEI, it’s rare to find consultants that meet your needs in ways that feel non-combative yet have the infrastructural support that can work with a company of any size.

We’re the only disability consultants that have:

Non-Judgemental Approach

We meet our clients right where they are, without judgement on the journey.

Cross-Industry Expertise

We expertly translate inclusion across sectors and keep up with fast-pace industry innovation, like advances in entertainment and tech.


Intersectional Lived Experiences

Our multiply-marginalized identities inform what we do and how we do it.

Get To Know Us Better

Sofia Webster, a light-skinned Ecuadorian American woman with dark brown hair, works on her laptop and phone. She is wearing a face mask and has a LaVant Consulting water bottle nearby.


Each person on our team brings meaningful professional – and personal – experiences to our work, including public relations/communications, policy, community organizing, advocacy, education, and so much more.

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Rosemary McDonnell-Horita, Sofia Webster, and Carly Fahey gather around a table in a large office building. They are each using mobility aids.


Our shared core values of passion, community, mutual respect, and innovation drive how we engage with one another and ultimately influence how we engage with our clients and partners.

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Our History

Honoring Stacey Park Milbern

Andraéa LaVant, a Black woman with wavy ombré brown and blonde shoulder length hair, and Stacey Park Milbern, a Korean American woman with a trach tube around her neck, seated side-by-side on a promenade in downtown Oakland. They have matching shirts that both read “Bless Up.”

LCI’s history begins much like other tales of entrepreneurship: our founder, Andraéa LaVant, saw a need and decided to address it. Having worked over a decade in disability advocacy and education in Washington, DC, she noticed a common thread across industries: companies don’t engage with disabled people not because they don’t want to, they don’t engage because they don’t know how to.

With that, she began working with a handful of clients to support their journeys toward stronger disability inclusion by providing communications support (curating social media content, writing blogs and newsletters, and leading content development) and strategy guidance.

Soon after LCI’s launch, Andraéa connected with dear friend and renowned disability justice activist, Stacey Park Milbern. Stacey and Andraéa decided to join forces to apply for and ultimately lead the social impact campaign for the Netflix award-winning documentary film, Crip Camp. As the film’s campaign grew in notoriety and the LCI team expanded, the two began building a long-term business plan to expand our work to organizations committed to leading the charge around disability justice-centered access and belonging.

Not long after these plans were beginning to be put in motion, in May 2020 Stacey passed away. However, her legacy lives on in our overall mission, vision, and values; in the familial culture of the LCI team; and in the authentic, impactful way we lead our work.

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