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Don’t let the unknown hold you back.

Many brands want to include disabled people and other diverse communities in their companies’ workforce, programs and marketing initiatives but don’t know how. They end up missing out on higher profits and attracting top talent. That doesn’t have to be you.

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I’M AndraéA

Hey, changemaker.

Businesses that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects statistically outperform their peers.

But what happens when your brand struggles to have the right culture and marketing campaigns that attract and engage?

I want to make it easier for you. Through my experience managing and supporting disability-focused initiatives across the globe and as a disabled woman of color, I’ve taught brands like Google and Netflix how to include disability in their company’s programs and campaigns.

I can teach you, too.


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Recruit the best people.

Watch your company explode with talent and creativity when you properly engage diverse employees. Top talent wants to work with an organization that makes its people a priority.

Win the hearts of new customers.

(And keep the ones you have)

When you’re confident in communicating with disabled people, you’ll not only earn their trust, but part of their $50 billion spending potential. You’ll attract those outside the community, too. People love brands that are socially responsible. You’ll also retain current customers longer.

Happy shareholders, anyone?

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Make a Bigger Impact

With a strategic impact campaign, you’ll reach audiences that relate to the stories you’re telling. It’s undeniable. Powerful stories effect lasting change.

Be a cultural changemaker.

Aside from inclusion being the right thing to do, disabled people and other diverse communities increase innovation, improve productivity, decrease employee turnover, and enhance the reputation of the organizations they work for.
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Care About Company Culture

You want to change your company practices or systems to be inclusive of more disabled and diverse voices. You want to tap into and value their creativity and ideas.
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Want Marketing Magic

You need help creating a cutting-edge, inclusive marketing campaign for a film, event, or launch.
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Need A Little Oomph

You understand the disability community but need help with content marketing, relationship building, and getting the word out about what you do.

So you don't just hear it from us...

“Sometimes one is lucky enough to work with exceptional talent, and Andraéa is indeed that person! She is a great strategist, leader, and has the ability to see every corner of the big picture. Her passion to support and amplify the disability community and to help everyone succeed is top notch. Her genuine demeanor and honesty has always made working together amazing. I know we will work together again and I highly recommend others to do so as well.”

KR Liu, Head of Brand Accessibility, Google Brand Studio

"How do you find someone that can dream big, bigger than your imagination, and then execute flawlessly? Look no further than LaVant Consulting. Their design on the impact campaign for Crip Camp simply blew us away. The team they put in place continues to impress us. Because of their creativity and deep understanding of what it takes to be more than successful, our film and it’s message has been seen and felt all over the world."

Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht, Co-Directors, Crip Camp

"Simply put, Andraéa is a great addition to the team! WITH Foundation has had the privilege of working with LaVant Consulting for over a year. Andraéa assists the foundation with program and relationship management, as well as assisting with our communications. Andraéa is dedicated and detail-oriented. One of the best decisions WITH has made is working with Andraéa".

Ryan Easterly, Executive Director, WITH Foundation

"Andraéa is absolutely fantastic for a project I needed assistance with. She's super responsive, detail-oriented, and responsible. My working relationship has been very easy and a real pleasure. I highly recommend LaVant Consulting services."

Alice Wong, Founder, and Director, Disability Visibility Project®

“LaVant Consulting has supported the National Business & Disability Council (NBDC) at The Viscardi Center through the development of disability inclusion messaging for our network of employers. The content for our newsletters and blogs has increased NBDC’s following and reach. We cannot say enough about their level of professionalism, the value of their knowledge and creativity, as well as their ability to always meet project deadlines.”

Christina Eisenberg, Manager, National Business & Disability Council (NBDC) at The Viscardi Center