Watch Your Mouth!
Building Trust through Language

Live Training Event

Disability, language, and communication are incredibly important to the disability community. We convey narratives and even reveal aspects of how we view disability based on how our words are framed. Learn how to spot harmful language and identify ableist attitudes and historical concepts that inform language choices. Discover strategies to incorporate helpful alternatives to ableist language and make you as equipped as possible to engage with people with disabilities with ease and confidence.

General Format/Who’s it For:

This ONLINE 60-minute training (via video conference) is designed for professionals, small teams, entrepreneurs, and anyone who desires to better communicate with the disability community they work with, market to, and represent.


Participants will be able to:


Define ableism and intersectionality


Understand the difference between person-first language and identity-first language


Identify ableist language


Recognize frameworks behind society’s perceptions of disability and how they shape language


Celebrate how disability communities use language to feel empowered

Sofia Webster, a light-skinned Ecuadorian-American woman with straight, dark hair wearing a blue denim dress seated in her wheelchair at a computer. She is looking up at the camera smiling.

Tuition: Tuition for this training is $249/USD and includes 7-day access to the training recording, starting the day after training, and digital downloads of the training outline and tip sheet(s) with examples.

Training Dates & Registration:
Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 10-11am PT / 1-2pm ETRegister for Watch Your Mouth! now
Wednesday, July 12, 2023, 10-11am PT / 1-2pm ETRegister for Watch Your Mouth! now

This is a live, virtual training. We use Zoom – a video conference platform – to deliver the training. There will be opportunities to engage with presenters and participants during breaks known as “fireside chats.” ASL interpreters and live CART captioning will be provided.

Registration is limited! Register today to secure a spot.

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